Friday, June 6, 2008


Unframed paper craft
This is a super easy, fast, and cheap craft to do with photos. I was thinking, depending on your market, or your friends, this would make nice "thanks you's" and they really don't cost much. I hit a sale and got the wood for 75¢ and the paper was 25¢ and I only used a quarter of the paper.

You'll need:
a photo (Mine is 5x5)
Square piece of wood 1 inch bigger than your photo all around and as thick as you want it...doesn't really matter)
piece of scrapping paper the same size as your wood
modge podge or craft glue
double sided sticky tape (I use xyron's cheetah which is also excellent for mounting portraits in albums)
sand paper
your finger ;)

1. spread the glue thinly across the whole surface of the wood and then lay your paper on it. Use the edge of a debit card to push out the air bubbles. Use some more glue on the edges if they are peeling back. Let this dry a little bit.

2. apply double stick tape to the back of your photo and place in center of scrap paper

3. Using sandpaper, start scraping the edges of the paper. In a couple of places you might want to sand a little harder to make it look more randomly worn. Also if you want sand the edges of the photo and in different spots of the photo

voila! have fun!


bigE said...

That looks so good! With my wife's penchant for picture frames, I think you've just saved us dozens of dollars!

kc petersen said...

That looks so cute, what a cool idea!