Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's in the background, baby!

Everyday a blank canvas

If you are at all familiar with flickr, you've seen loads of beautiful backgrounds. What you may not know is that these backgrounds can cost next to nothing, even free, because you may already have them around the house.

The background above, though wrinkled and gathered, is a Rachel Ashwell Chabby Chic table cloth I found on clearance at Target. I maybe paid $5 for it. Look around your house for:
blankets and quilts
table cloths
pillow cases (for newborns)
table runners and placemats(also for newborn)
Black towels work great over bean bags
rugs and mats
duvet covers
beach towels
and even a long coat:

frugal backgrounds

And don't forget to look for them at thrift stores, yard sales, grandma's attic, remmnant bins, fabric sites and clearance shelves to save a little bit more. You can hang these improvised backdrops over kitchen chairs, clotheslines, doors, and even clip them to window frames.


rachel said...

hey! I have that coat! I wore it at our wedding in February!!!

rachel said...

oops. I just realized that I posted the wrong one. here's one by amy:

bigE said...

I totally used your advice for a two-minute impromptu photo session with my daughter!

Certainly not as good as yours, but I'm a first-timer :]